Big Data Developer

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Model of cooperation: B2B

Project model: Outsourcing

Holiday: N/A days

Mobility of traveling: During first three months%

Relocation package: N/A

Office hours: 8-19

Benefits: N/A


Global scale container based deployment (sample technologies: Docker/Kubernetes/LXC):

  • key environment features :
    • cloud based (but cloud provider independent) solution
    • global scale capabilities by design
    • horizontal scaling with minimal based infrastructure cost
    • full data encryption (at-rest and in-transit)
    • rolling environment upgrades with 100% uptime guarantee
    • high availability by design – server, cluster and datacenter failure mitigation capabilities
    • smart global routing (minimal network latency experienced by end user)


MongoDB distributed cluster deployment:

  • candidate requirements:
    • proven experience in globally distributed MongoDB cluster architecture, deployment and/or maintenance
    • proven experience in MongoDB cluster tuning
    • in-depth understanding of MongoDB security concepts
  • key environment features:
    • cloud based (but cloud provider independent) MongoDB deployment
    • global scale distributed cluster (USA, Europe and Asia)
    • automatic horizontal scaling with minimal based infrastructure cost
    • high performance read and write – over 500 000 000 sessions daily
    • data access management
    • data replication across many clusters