DevOps Engineer

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Model of cooperation: B2B

Project model: Outsourcing

Holiday: N/A days

Mobility of traveling: During first three months%

Relocation package: N/A

Office hours: 8-19

Benefits: N/A


Salary range:

4-7 years of experience – 120 PLN net + VAT /h

7 – 10 years of experience – 130 PLN net + VAT / h

10 years of experience – 150 PLN net + VAT /h


Employment type: B2B

Skills and experience you will need:

Experience in JavaScript npm package/dependency management

Experience in Jenkins management

Strong experience in Kubernates setup

Strong experience in git flows implementation and code review practices

Experience in java package and dependency management (maven, gradle)

Experience in Unit/Performance tests approach (JUnit/Spock, JMeter, Selenium etc)

Experience of Jira / Confluence

Experience in Knowledge of agile methodology and frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.

Experience in Cloud solutions and cloud agnostic approach (AWS, Azure, OpenStack)

Knowledge of software development processes and procedures

English is a must , German is nice to have Nice to have

Knowledge of Casandra, Neo4J, Elastic, MariaDB, MongoDB, Apache Spark, modern Hadoop ecosystem.