Full Stack Architect

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Model of cooperation: B2B

Mobility of traveling: Yes%


As Full Stack Architect will be involved from the earliest stage to scope ideas and propose tech solutions. This is a hands on role, driven by the use of the latest tech, best practice and solid processes.
The Full Stack Architect needs to be fluent across all technology components that include the web/mobile user interface, middleware microservices, and back-end databases, and have a “spike” (i.e., bring deep expertise) in one or more areas. As our business increasingly engages with external ecosystems of technologies, full stack architects should provide expertise in third-party packaged software, fluency in multiple best-of-breed technologies, and experience with multiple-technology integration strategies. Part of the role is to guarantee that security, compliance and legal restrictions provided by Ergo related to the insurance sector are respected.
You need to be effective at linking the architectural vision with the business vision and building solutions that focus on business value, not just technical excellence. You have a deep understanding of how an architecture will need to evolve to meet changing business goals and like to produce working software as one of the best ways to illustrate a concept.

Skills and experience you will need

•  Excellent programming skills in at least 2 modern programming languages/ frameworks, such as Node.JS, Go Lang, Java, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python, or others
•  Excellent working knowledge of HTML/ CSS, and a modern frontend Javascript framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, Vue.js
•• Excellent knowledge of SQL and one common database technology, such as Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, Neo4J
•  Infrastructure knowledge including RESTful APIs, Single Sign On, LDAP, Search Technologies
•  Experiences with code refactoring, design patterns, design-driven development, continuous deployment, highly scalable applications, application security
•  Working knowledge and experience in designing distributed applications
•  Working knowledge of DevOps, Docker and infrastructure as code
•  Knowledge of pair programming, continuous integration and test-driven development

Work place: Warsaw

Project duration: long term

Hourly pay: From 140 PLN/h to 150 PLN/h