Fullstack Architect

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Model of cooperation: B2B

Project model: Outsourcing

Holiday: N/A days

Mobility of traveling: During first three months%

Relocation package: N/A

Office hours: 8-19

Benefits: N/A


Location: Warsaw with traveling often to Germany

Salary: 7 – 10 years of experience 130 – 140 net +VAT

10 years of experience 150 net +VAT

Employment type: B2B

Fluency in English and German is a good to know

Excellent programming skills in at least 2 modern programming languages/ frameworks, such as Node.JS, Go Lang, Java, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python, or others

Excellent working knowledge of HTML/ CSS, and a modern frontend Javascript framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, Vue.js

Excellent knowledge of SQL and one common database technology, such as Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, Neo4J

Infrastructure knowledge including RESTful APIs, Single Sign On, LDAP, Search Technologies

Experiences with code refactoring, design patterns, design-driven development, continuous deployment, highly scalable applications, application security

Working knowledge and experience in designing distributed applications

Working knowledge of DevOps, Docker and infrastructure as code

Knowledge of pair programming, continuous integration and test-driven development

Experience with at least one unit testing framework, such as MochaJS, RSpec